ISRAEL-is CEO Tackles Antisemitism in Australia

ISRAEL-is CEO Tackles Antisemitism in Australia

ISRAEL-is CEO Nimrod Palmach recently undertook a significant mission to Australia, aiming to engage with various communities and leaders about the surge in antisemitism and Hamas’ crimes against humanity. His visit, occurring in early December, involved meetings with approximately 1,500 individuals, including members of the Jewish and non-Jewish communities, public officials, teens, and young leaders.

Educational Campaign and Personal Testimony

A major part of Palmach’s agenda was to educate and inform about the October 7th atrocities and the increasing global antisemitism. As a special forces major in the IDF reserves search and rescue unit, Palmach was directly involved in the incidents at Kibbutz Alumim and Kibbutz Be’eri. He shared his personal experiences and testimony, particularly highlighting the vulnerability and the assaults experienced by women during the massacre.

The ISRAEL-is Model

Palmach’s presentations also included an introduction to the ISRAEL-is model, an initiative aimed at improving Israel’s global image and combating antisemitism. This program annually trains twenty-five thousand young Israelis to act as informal “ambassadors” for Israel, teaching them how to share their personal stories effectively.

Addressing Misinformation and False Narratives

Another critical aspect of Palmach’s visit was addressing the challenge posed by public figures who support antisemitic actions and propagate misinformation. His discussions in Australia focused on combating these false narratives and providing accurate information about the current geopolitical situation.

Media Engagement

Palmach’s visit garnered attention from Australian media outlets. Notably, The Australian newspaper published an in-depth article on his experiences, and he was also interviewed by Sky News. These media engagements provided a platform for Palmach to reach a broader audience and further amplify his message against antisemitism and misinformation.

Implications and Ongoing Efforts

Palmach’s visit to Australia represents a proactive effort in the ongoing struggle against antisemitism and misinformation. His personal experiences and the educational model of ISRAEL-is contribute to a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding these issues. This mission underscores the importance of international dialogue and education in addressing and combating global challenges like antisemitism.


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