Israel bans doctors from cooperating with UN investigation into Hamas

Israel bans doctors from cooperating with UN investigation into Hamas

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UN officials asked Israeli hospital doctors to help investigate the events of October 7, but the Ministry of Health asked medical personnel not to cooperate with the commission because of the anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic beliefs expressed by its leaders. Journalist Katie Dor reported this in the evening news broadcast on the Kan-11 television channel.

As noted, the decision of the Ministry of Health caused some tension in relations between Israel and the UN, and also raised questions about the independence and objectivity of the commission of inquiry. The situation adds complexity to already strained international relations, and many analysts say it requires more careful consideration and dialogue between the parties. While Israel insists that the commission’s leaders have a biased view of the conflict, the UN and the commission are continuing their efforts to investigate the events to establish the facts and those responsible.

The inquiry commission is part of the Human Rights Council and is composed of members who directly approached the medical professionals who treated the victims and abductees, requesting a meeting to exchange information. One such request stated: “We are investigating crimes committed by Hamas and other terrorist organizations, including cases of sexual violence and sexual crimes.”

This initiative caused indignation on the part of the Israeli government, which noted that the leaders of this commission are biased against Israel and have anti-Semitic views. Israel stressed that it would not cooperate with this organization, viewing it as a politically motivated body prone to a unilateral approach.

For their part, the UN organization and the commission continue their efforts to investigate events and human rights violations in the region, despite the disagreements and contradictions that have arisen. This situation highlights the complexity and sensitivity of issues related to international conflicts and highlights the need to find constructive ways to resolve such conflicts and establish justice.


According to information provided by the Kan-11 television channel, the legal department of the Ministry of Health received an order from the Ministry of Justice to terminate cooperation with the commission. The channel also quotes from a response received from the Israeli Foreign Ministry, which states that the commission was created by the Human Rights Council after Operation Guardian of the Walls to investigate Israeli actions in the Gaza Strip. “Three of the leaders of this commission are known for their anti-Semitic views and hostile attitude towards Israel. This is a politically motivated body with which Israel does not intend to cooperate,” the Foreign Ministry statement reads.

It should be noted that on January 8, information appeared about the upcoming visit of Pramila Patten, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict, to Israel. She intends to investigate the sexual crimes committed by Hamas terrorists on October 7 against Israeli men and women. The results of its work will be included in the annual report of Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, which will be presented to the Security Council.

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