Federal Investigation into Antisemitism at Santa Monica College

Federal Investigation into Antisemitism at Santa Monica College

Santa Monica College (SMC) has come under federal investigation due to alleged civil rights violations against the Students Supporting Israel (SSI) group. This scrutiny follows claims that SSI members faced discrimination and offensive treatment in the wake of the Israel-Hamas conflict that erupted in October.

Surge in Campus Antisemitism

The situation at SMC reflects a broader trend of rising antisemitic incidents on college campuses, sparking alarm within Jewish communities. Students have reported an unexpected wave of discrimination, which has now caught the attention of federal authorities.

Urgent Response from Students Supporting Israel

Ilan Sinelnikov, the president of the national Students Supporting Israel movement, has emphasized the need for immediate action to address these issues. The group’s reaction underlines the severity of the situation and the urgency with which they believe it should be handled.

College’s Commitment to Action

In response to the allegations and student concerns, Santa Monica College has taken steps to address the situation. On October 20, the administration reinstated the SSI club and committed to a thorough investigation into the complaints of discrimination. This move indicates the college’s willingness to confront and resolve the issues raised by the students.

Santa Monica College’s Stance Against Hate

SMC has publicly declared its opposition to all forms of hate, including antisemitism. This stance was further reinforced on November 7, 2023, when the SMC Board of Trustees passed a resolution supporting United Against Hate Week. The resolution acknowledges the rise in antisemitism and other forms of hate and discrimination against marginalized groups across the nation.

Ongoing Developments

As the federal investigation progresses, the Santa Monica College community and the wider public await further developments. The situation underscores the challenges faced by educational institutions in addressing and preventing discrimination and hate crimes on campus. The outcome of this investigation could have significant implications for how colleges nationwide handle similar issues in the future.


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