Fallen IDF Soldier Honored in London

Fallen IDF Soldier Honored in London

Elchanan Kalmanson, a fallen Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldier, was posthumously honored in London for his heroic actions during a critical event at Kibbutz Be’eri. More than 600 young professionals gathered at the Israel ball held at the prestigious Nobu Hotel Portman Square to commemorate his bravery and sacrifice.

A Night of Remembrance and Solidarity

The event, attended by notable figures and a community united in grief and respect, paid tribute to Elchanan, who, alongside his family members, played a pivotal role in saving over 100 people from a dangerous situation on October 7. Tragically, Elchanan lost his life in the conflict against Hamas terrorists.

Emotional Tributes

The Kalmanson family, visiting from Israel, shared poignant memories on stage. Elchanan’s daughter Tal spoke about her father’s bravery, and his brother Menahem expressed his deep emotional connection to the event, shedding tears as he recalled the day’s events. Elchanan’s grave holds a unique distinction, marked with insignias from both the IDF and Mossad, reflecting his exceptional service to Israel.

Honors and Celebrations

Israel Ambassador Tzipi Hotovely presented an award for Elchanan’s heroic service. Her speech drew parallels between the ancient Maccabees’ triumph and the modern-day heroism of soldiers like Elchanan, emphasizing a message of victory and resilience.

A Festival of Light

The ceremony also included a special moment led by Rabbi Mendel Kalmenson of Chabad Belgravia, who lit the Chanukiah, symbolizing the enduring spirit of the Jewish community.

Communal Unity and Support

Event coordinator Romy Pikoos, backed by a committee of volunteers and Jewish communal organizations, worked diligently to ensure a successful and inclusive event. The affordable ticket pricing, sponsored by various organizations, including Jewish News, ensured widespread participation.

Culinary Delights and Entertainment

Guests enjoyed a Middle Eastern-style buffet, featuring traditional Jewish delicacies. The musical lineup, including Avi Kraus and Muzika, provided a vibrant backdrop, with guests dancing to a mix of Ashkenazi and Mizrachi tunes.

Moving Forward with Strength

Vladimir Bermant, chair of the organizing event and founder of Hineni Capital, spoke to Jewish News about the significance of the event. He emphasized the unapologetic Zionism and Jewish unity that the Israel ball represented, reinforcing the community’s solidarity with Israel.

The event not only served as a solemn tribute to a fallen hero but also as a vibrant celebration of Jewish culture, resilience, and unbreakable spirit, encapsulating the message of “Am Yisrael Chai” – the nation of Israel lives.


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