Bloomberg reports that the United States holds a position of contention regarding issuance of arrest warrants for Israeli officials arrests

Bloomberg reports that the United States holds a position of contention regarding issuance of arrest warrants for Israeli officials  arrests

Allegedly, there is consideration within the International Criminal Court to issue arrest warrants for senior Israeli officials and leaders of Hamas. This is a concern for the US and its allies as Israel is currently negotiating a ceasefire with Hamas.

Such an action taken by the  International Criminal Court may be considered to undermine the agreement between the two warring parties. Israel believes that issuing warrants for the arrest of Israeli individuals, top officials and the leadership of Hamas by The ICC  harms the already difficult negotiations and agreements between the parties. This could lead to complications and threaten the further peace process.

G7 countries express dissatisfaction with the 

The International Criminal Court’s decision to issue arrest warrants for officials from IsraelG7 countries has already begun efforts to refer their position to The ICC. The Prime Minister of Israel  Benjamin Netanyahu may be among those arrested. According to US media, Netanyahu asked President Biden for help to take measures to  hinder the issuance of arrest warrants .

“We do not believe they have jurisdiction,” stated  Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, made a statement on Monday about the  Investigation by the International Criminal Court

It is worth noting that Benjamin Netanyahu is also criticized in the United States. Senate Majority Whip Chuck Schumer describes the Israeli Prime Minister as ‘a hindrance to peace.

Senator Chuck Schumer has expressed the view that Israel’s current government is not meeting national needs and is calling for new elections. “We need to renew the dialogue about the future of Israel after October 7,” the senator said.

Israel and Hamas: continuation of negotiations

On April 29 at a gathering of the World Economic Forum, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken called on the leaders of the militant group to decide on the terms of a temporary ceasefire in Israel.

He noted that Israel had shown “great generosity” in proposals put forward to talks facilitated by Qatar and Egypt. for the release of Israeli hostages held by Hamas. We are talking about more than 40 hostages whose release is offered in exchange for Palestinians detained in Israeli prisons.  “Hamas is currently considering a very generous offer from Israel,” Blinken said.

In February, Karim Khan, the lead prosecutor of the court expressed deep concern about the conduct of the Israeli military and Hamas who are holding Israelis captive. He stressed that those who violate the law do not have the right to later express dissatisfaction when his office takes appropriate action within its authority.

Information about the detention of Israeli officials could provoke a series of protests around the world

On Sunday, the Foreign Minister of Israel, Israel Katz directed diplomatic missions globally to brace for a potential increase in hostility towards Jews and anti-Semitic sentiments and anti-Israel sentiments following recent news of the possible orders. He stressed that such actions would be detrimental to Israeli interests and would contribute to the moral uplift of the terrorist group Hamas and the Islamic extremists commanded by Iran, which Israel is fighting.

Biden Calls on Netanyahu to Open New Crossing Points to Deliver  Assistance to Gaza

President Joe Biden of the United States and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel talked about the expansion of checkpoints in the Gaza Strip, where Israeli forces’ offensive continues. The new checkpoints are intended to increase the supply of humanitarian aid to the region. The conversation between the leaders took place on Sunday, April 28, according to information published on the White House website. It is noted that checkpoints will be opened in the north of the Gaza Strip.

The US President reportedly reiterated his robust backing for Israel’s security interests in light of its successful defense against Iran’s unmatched missile and drone strike  in early April.

The officials also discussed negotiations for the release of hostages and an immediate cessation of hostilities in the Gaza Strip.  As per the report, Biden made mention of a collective statement alongside 17 other global leaders calling on Hamas to immediately release its citizens to achieve a ceasefire and provide aid to Gazans.

“The President and Prime Minister likewise reviewed escalated humanitarian assistance deliveries in Gaza , including the possibility of the initiation of fresh northern border openings commencing this week. The President expressed the importance of maintaining and further building on this progress, in complete coordination with humanitarian organizations.”

At the end of March, the  International Court of Justice released a decision obliging  Israel to guarantee the unimpeded delivery of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.The unanimous decision was made by the organization’s main judiciary following warnings of a possible famine in Gaza within weeks.

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