The EU noted an unusual rise in anti-Semitism and apprehension within the Jewish community

The EU noted an unusual rise in anti-Semitism and apprehension within the Jewish community

The European Union denounced displays of anti-Semitism and expressed its support for the Jewish communities of Europe. This comes against the backdrop of protests with anti-Israeli slogans in  different nations globally after Israeli airstrikes targeted the Gaza Stripin response to attacks by Hamas.

There has been a notable rise in anti-Semiticincidents across Europe to extraordinary levels, reminiscent of some of the darkest periods in history, the European Commission (EC) said in a statement. According to the report, European Jews are now once again fearful of a menace.

Instances of anti-Semitism are documented  both in EU member states and in other parts of the world. “In Germany, a synagogue was attacked, in France buildings were painted with the Star of David, in Austria a Jewish cemetery was desecrated, in Spain there were attacks on Jewish shops and synagogues, as well as demonstrations with hostile slogans against Jews,” the EC statement noted.

In Turkey, demonstrators against Israel tried to break into the territory of an American base. Brussels condemned these “despicable” actions and expressed support for Jewish communities in the European Union.

The statement also underscores the issue of anti-Semitism  manifestations are contrary to everything Europe stands for. “Regardless of religion or identity, no one should face discrimination or violence,” the EC  stated in a declaration.

Anti-Jewish sentiment on the rise: Alarm in German government

At the end of October, rallies took place around the world, including European countries, in support of Palestine and against Israel, which had been striking the Gaza Strip for more than a month in response to an attack by Hamas. In connection with the actions of the Israeli army in the enclave, as per the Palestinian Ministry of Health’s data more than 9 thousand people were killed and over 25 thousand were injured.

The German government has expressed concern that Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck expressed concern about the surge in anti-Semitism, emphasizing, “We bear a historical responsibility, and there is no place for any form of anti-Semitism in Germany.”

On November 5, during a protest against Israel and the United States in Turkey,chemical irritants and high-pressure water hoses were used when participants tried to enter an American airbase in the south of the country. Earlier, Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned Israel’s actions in Gaza, calling them war crimes.

At the end of October, a crowd of people entered the building and the runway of the Makhachkala airport in search of passengers arriving from Israel. They were forced out within a few hours.The Investigative Committee initiated a criminal investigation into the disturbances. . Israeli Ambassador to Russia Ben Zvi believes that the incident was directed both against Jews and against the state, and is also the result of incitement.

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